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    Aqua Culture 1-Gallon Globe Fish Bowl with LED Light

    Enhance your space with life and color with the Aqua Culture Globe Fish Bowl. Includes LED light with 7 color selections to choose depending on time of day or your viewing pleasure. Bowl is manufactured of impact-resistant plastic so good that most think it is made of glass. LED light is powered by two AA batteries or optional Hawkeye 5V power adapter; both sold separately. Simply watching fish swim can work wonders for stress reduction, as well as infusing a little more vibrancy. With the Aqua Culture fish bowl with light, you can enjoy the company of a betta friend. 

    • Aqua Culture 1-Gallon Globe Fish Bowl with LED Light is ideal for your favorite betta fish
    • Bowl is made of break-resistant plastic with crystal-clear clarity so good that most think it is glass.
    • 7 LED light colors to select: amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, red and white
    • With the built-in light timer you can choose 2 hours, 4 hours, or continuous on setting
    • LED light uses 2 AA batteries (not included), optional Hawkeye 5V Power Adapter (AQ51000) enables light to be plugged into electrical outlet, saving on battery costs
    • For even more beauty and vibrancy, add gravel, river rocks and real or faux plants, sold separately
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    Aqua Culture 20-Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit With LED

    The Aqua Culture 20 Gallon Fish Tank Starter Kit is a lovely way to add a touch of nature to your living spaces while helping to improve its decor. It’s ideal for brightening larger spaces where it can be featured on an appropriately rated aquarium stand. The low-profile hood of this Aqua Culture aquarium starter kit creates a natural daylight shimmer in your aquarium, using energy-efficient LED lighting that mimics natural sunlight. It includes a Tetra internal filter that provides powerful, yet silent filtration to keep your fish healthy and the water crystal-clear, so that your fish are easily visible. Integrated cutouts allow for easy filter cartridge changes and feeding without removing the hood for convenient usage and maintenance. This 20 gallon fish tank also contains samples of Tetra food and water, as well as enrollment in Tetra Care, which provides free advice and help to make sure you’re successful in setting up your aquarium. 

    Aqua Culture 20-Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit With LED:

    • Contains samples of Tetra food and water care
    • Integrated cutouts for easy filter cartridge changes and feeding without removing the hood
    • Includes a Tetra internal filter that keeps fish healthy and the water crystal-clear
    • Uses energy-efficient LED lighting
    • Natural daylight shimmer
    • 20 gal fish aquarium kit with low-profile hood
    • 20 gal aquarium kit includes enrollment in TetraCare for free advice and help with properly setting up aquarium
    • Can be placed on appropriately-rated aquarium stand
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    Cat Pet Toys with Peek Hole and Toy Ball for Cat


    Wide Suitable — The cat, kitties, puppy are born to loving hide and seek, so this tunnel will be their favorite. The tunnels are wide enough for the fat cat.
    Design for Fun — Bring more fun to cats and kitties to enjoy more self-amusement and get hours of exercise.
    Durable — Made of ultrastrong polyester warpped round a sprung-steel.
    Safe — Protective ends design, which can afford various of antics without collapse.
    Foldable — Can be collasped in seconds. Convenient for portable in the travel and picnic.

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    Cat Sleeping Bag Self-Warming Kitty Sack Brown

    • Size L*W=58 X55cm Weight 567g Fit all kinds of cats
    • Out layer super soft plush close skin also not easily drop hair
    • Don’t ask your pet to share its own throne
    • Caution: The opening won’t stay open like it looks in the picture
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    Dog Bed Super Soft Pet Sofa Cats Bed

    • PET-SAFE MATERIALS: Our dog beds are made of a high-quality material with an extremely soft cushion, this pet bed offers your pet comfort and great insulation. Waterproof and moisture proof, keep warm all year around.Create a comfortable and practical dog bed.
    • COZY & COMFORTABLE: Our high-quality dog bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up! Anatomic design with high and comfortable rim for pets to rest their head. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.
    • SUPPORTS BETTER SLEEP: Size L (65*55*16cm) perfect for cats, medium-sized dogs and other pets up to 33lbs, our cozy beds treat your furry friend to the best! By providing warmth and a sense of security (with its high walls), each dog sofa bed promotes more restful sleep, supporting better health and behavior.
    • Water and Dirt Resistant Backing: The back of these pet beds is made of a high-quality material that emulates rubber adherence, which keep your floor clean and helps keep bed from slipping & sliding on hardwood floors, so no matter how big or small your pets are, it won’t slip, or wobble, while they’re finding themselves a better position to sleep.
    • TIPS: This dog bed is stored and shipped compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed in a vacuum bag. You can wash and dry it first before using it, then it will shape well and fill up good.
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    Dog/Cat Shedding Dematting Brush


    With our deshedding tools you will be no longer bothered by unsightly hair or fur all over your house, beds or clothes. This pet grooming brush is so well-priced that you can keep them both in the house and car. Deshedding your pets every week will also reduce the allergen in your house and car, protecting from animal fur and mite allergy reactions.

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    Pet Cat Bed, Comfortable Felt Pets Basket Bed Portable

    • 1.Perfect for cat nest: This basket bed is perfect for pets that like to lay on the warm soft Cashmere blanket!
    • 2.Easy on joints:The basket bed is made by comfortable felt material, there’s a warm soft cashmere blanket. Comfortable Felt helps to evenly distribute body weight, soothe pressure points, and promote better air circulation for a deeper, more restorative sleep.
    • 3.Product size: 45*32*19.5cm
    • 4.Item weight: 0.22kg
    • 5.Easy to clean: you only need to wash the cashmere blanket most of time, and it’s easy to clean the basket bed even it’s dirty, because it made by comfortable felt material. It’s easy to clean by hands..
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    Petmaker Non-Skid Pet Bowl Tray

    Ensure that your pet gets all the nutrition he or she needs with every meal, minus the mess, with this PETMAKER Non-Skid Pet Bowl Tray. This product is designed with non-skid rubber bumpers to prevent it from sliding. The dog feeding tray has raised sides to help reduce splashes, keeping liquid and food on the tray. It also has raised circular edges built into the unit itself to secure two 8.5″ food or water bowls. It comes in a neutral light gray color that will easily match your existing interiors. This dishwasher-safe tray is a convenient solution to common pet messes associated with meal times.

    Petmaker Non-Skid Pet Bowl Tray:

    • Light gray color
    • Non-skid rubber bumpers prevent sliding
    • Raised splash guard prevents spillage
    • Raised circular edges help keep bowls in place
    • Secures two 8-1/2″ food/water bowls
    • Dishwasher-safe tray prevents post meal time messes
    • Dimensions: 21″L x 10.5″W x 3.5″H
    • Dog feeding tray helps to keep food on the tray and liquids off the floor
    • Stays in place no matter how excited your dog gets with his or her meal
    • Neutral color easily matches with your existing interiors
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    Red Dingo Classic Cat Collar, Green, Medium

    Take your cat outdoors safely in a versatile, good looking collar. With style and strength, the quality nylon webbing and abrasion resistant ribbon ensure long lasting comfort. Featuring a safety release fish clip and wildlife protection bell. 

    • Quality nylon webbing and abrasion resistant ribbon to ensure long lasting comfort and durability.
    • Stainless steel K-Ring that you can attach an ID tag to.
    • Collar has a wildlife safety bell to warn birds and small animals that the cat is coming.
    • Quick-release safety fish clip comes undone with slight tension to prevent snagging on branches, fences, and other hazards.
    • Completely machine washable for easy cleaning!
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    Retractable Interactive Feather Teaser Cat Toy

    • High elastic fishing rod design, provide a larger range to play. Telescoping cat wand, easy to store
    • High quality carbon fiber wand, thick and durable, but light weight. With EVA handle for comfortable operation
    • 5 pieces of refills (random color), 3 styles, meet the needs of different play modes
    • Ultra-strong fishing line, safe and won’t snap or tangle
    • This interactive cat wand toys help stimulates your cat’s natural instincts, and give more fun and exercise
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    Special Kitty Scoopable Tight Clumping Cat Litter, Fragrance Free, 14 lb


    Special Kitty Scoopable Tight Clumping Cat Litter, Fragrance Free, 14 lb Special Kitty Fragrance Free Odor Control Scoopable Tight Clumping Cat Litter quickly hides the natural scents of your cat’s litter box to keep your cat’s personal area exactly that. Fill your cat’s litter box with a fresh set of litter and notice the difference immediately when you pour, as this cat litter is 99% dust-free, and provides up to 20 days of freshness. Great for multiple cat homes, this 14-pound jug includes a handle for convenient maneuverability and easy pouring. Grab a jug of the Special Kitty Fragrance Free Odor Control Scoopable Tight Clumping Cat Litter and enjoy the new-found simplicity of tending to your cat’s needs.

    Special Kitty Promise: At Special Kitty we know that cats rule, and your cat is confident you would only serve her the very best food. That’s why each one of our high-quality varieties not only uses wholesome ingredients that support your cat’s health, but taste so delicious your cat may actually reward you with a smile. You can always trust Special Kitty to provide nutritious premium products that your cat will crave. It’s the Special Kitty promise to you and your cat.
    Special Kitty Scoopable Tight Clumping Cat Litter, Fragrance Free, 14 lb:

    • Long-lasting fragrance-free odor control to keep your home smelling fresh
    • 99% dust free for a cleaner pour
    • The litter’s tight clumping formula makes scooping your cat’s box a breeze
    • Great for multiple cats14-pound jug includes a handle for convenient maneuverability and easy pouring
    • The see-through build helps you know when it’s time to pick up some more
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    Vibrant Life Ribbed Food & Water Mat for Pets, Geometric


    Give your pet a space all their own to enjoy their meals and a fresh drink of water with our Vibrant Life Ribbed Food & Water Mat for Pets. Designed with leak-proof backing and decorated with an on-trend geometric print, this convenient food and water mat is both fashionable and functional. This durable foam mat was crafted to reduce everyday messes made from mealtime by keeping crumbs and spilled water corralled on its easy-to-clean surface. It’s an ideal addition to your pet’s meal and hydration space and measures 19 inches by 11-and-a-half inches, which offers plenty of room to hold your pet’s favorite food dish and water bowl. Keep your home nice and tidy while providing your pet with a placemat all their own with our Vibrant Life Ribbed Food & Water Mat for Pets

    Help your pets live the Vibrant Life! Our products are specially crafted with one goal in mind, seeing your pet at its very best. With a variety of offerings designed to keep animals healthy, happy and energized, Vibrant Life stands out as the brand that truly puts your pet first.
    If for any reason you or your pet don’t love this product, we’ll replace it or give you your money back. For questions, call 1-877-307-2192 or visit

    Vibrant Life Ribbed Food & Water Mat for Pets, Geometric:

    • Floor placemat for pet dishes
    • Durable and easy to clean
    • Leak-proof backing
    • Reduces food and water messes
    • Available in stylish designs to suit your home decor
    • Measures 19″ x 11.5″
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